this one is just screenshots of crossing delancey

she even plucks her grandma's moustache in one

This is a series of screenshots from 1988’s crossing delancey. Did anyone actually know that there are still movies left to find? calling them MOVIES is fine and I don’t know who told you it wasn’t btw!!! But sometimes those movies actually need to be rented on Amazon Prime, and you get to act as your own little movie broker. This movie is about 30-something Isabelle -

Isabelle putzes across the LES in big coats with her little curly bangs and the locations and sets are just perfect. This is a very good clothing movie, filled with long coats, ancestral wrist watches and caramel flannels. I dare you to not search for big grey wool coats days, months, even years after watching.

wishing we could share a cold weather hot dog together, 🌭